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To self-publish or not to self-publish, that is the question


Yes, that is the question but I’m beginning to think there’s more to it.

For some time now, I’ve been internally debating whether to move forward and self-publish the first book of my paranormal trilogy¬†via Amazon.com’s print-on-demand and Kindle direct services. After reading Kristen Lamb’s blog post, Why Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Sell Books, I’m going to hold off and regroup.

After a thorough edit by Gloria Campbell, a professional book editor, I’ll go back through and make sure I have the highest quality product I can offer readers of my debut novel. I also want to be sure I’ve taken into account the major principles Kristen mentions in her book, We Are Not Alone: A Writer’s Guide to Social Media.

For those who are interested in my self-publishing progress, check back here and on my Facebook page (see below) as I’ll be posting updates on what I discover and decide.

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