Writer by day, artist…whenever time allows. My art can be found by following these aliases around the world wide web:

  • MoxieMuse is the name of my artistic avatar (although she is a gifted blogger, too). Her work will be featured in collages in Encyclopedia of Friulan proverbs, my fledgling entry in this year’s Sketchbook Project 2012. My progress will be captured in the Art House Coop’s site as well as this one.

    The symbala representing MoxieMuse, my artistic avatar

  • Tessa d’Uccelli Blu is my noma di pluma as I continue the adventure that is my nascent novel. Tessa’s creative wordsmithing just might make unannounced visits throughout my sketchbook so watch for her touchdowns. Huxley the Mouse Writer often weighs in on Tessa’s work, his “tailpen” mightier than my keyboard:

Starbucks Holiday Mouse and Tessa's constant companion


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