Summer/fall art project No. 2: The Prayer Flag Project


Artist, Jane LaFazio, began a prayer flag project in June 2011 and invited artists to submit their work which would help spread peace, good will and kindness, one flag at a time…

My friend, Sherri Nelson, sent me a link to Jane’s site and I was immediately on board…right after I finish the manuscript for my nascent novel and polishing the pitch that I’ll make to agents that I’m working on for the upcoming PNWA Conference.

Stay tuned for pictures from Phase 1: Researching the theme.

Future stages of my project:

Phase 2: Nuts and bolts assembly

Phase 3: Decorative touches

Phase 4: Voila! The piece de resistance.


About tessawritings

Technical/media writer by day, historical fantasy writer by night, unless I'm gardening, practicing Friulan, or riding my motorcycle next to The Husband. Born north of the 49th parallel as an Italian-Canadian dual citizen, I moved south of the border to marry my computer engineer/wanna-be chef significant other and his freeloading furballs. The move in 1999 sparked a huge burst of creativity in all manner of interests and projects that has yet to peak!

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