New art project: Photomobile


I was looking for inspiration after completing The Sketchbook Project and happened upon Photomobile (see below for a description).*

I was vascillating between choosing one of two themes: Breakfast Lunch and Dinner OR Signs and Symbols.

After waking up New Year’s Day with a baby brown bear in my garage, I decided that I had received my sign. That is, go with Signs and Symbols.

April update: As soon as I received my camera, I started looking for signs and symbols that speak to me. I took a lot of pictures in Italy but some at home, too. Unfortunately, when I had them developed, 90% of them were very grainy and didn’t make the cut. I ended up submitting only a half-dozen. Sigh. Sometimes that’s what happens with cheap disposable cameras. The quality just isn’t there. Oh well, I know better for next time.

*   A Million Little Pictures presents Photomobile, a traveling library of photographs from across the globe. The project asks contributors to shoot 27 frames on a chosen theme, allowing viewers to experience the myriad ways that a single story can be captured in an image. These photographs are then joined together to create a new narrative, journeying together from coast to coast. What begins as thousands of individual expressions ends as a communal experience — A Million Little Pictures, one cross-country adventure.

Art House Co-op organizes interactive art projects that connect thousands of artists from all over the world and operates the Brooklyn Art Library, their storefront space and permanent archive. All of their projects are open to everyone.


About tessawritings

Technical/media writer by day, historical fantasy writer by night, unless I'm gardening, practicing Friulan, or riding my motorcycle next to The Husband. Born north of the 49th parallel as an Italian-Canadian dual citizen, I moved south of the border to marry my computer engineer/wanna-be chef significant other and his freeloading furballs. The move in 1999 sparked a huge burst of creativity in all manner of interests and projects that has yet to peak!

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